Almost twelve flight hours and 9,435 kilometers as the crow flies separate San Francisco and Munich – halfway around the world. And yet: Munich- based GOVECS GmbH has managed to sell 150 electric scooters to the sunshine city on the West Coast of the USA.

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Take it easy – drive it easy!

Based in San Francisco, Scoot Networks is the largest free-float provider for electric scooter sharing worldwide. Scoot gives people the freedom to get where they want, when they want, and park right in front of their destination.



GOVECS, as the only manufacturer, was able to build electric scooters individually in a way that they met the requirements regarding telematics and software of the sharing providers. A worldwide novelty, which makes GOVECS the technology pioneer in the field of sharing projects.
GOVECS is convinced that connectivity is a requirement for sharing projects. This means that information about the vehicle can be read, for example, via the app. Thus, the e-scooter communicates with the driver and the operators are always up to date about the condition and location of their fleet.

150 electric scooters of the GO! T1.4 model are cruising through the streets of San Francisco for Scoot Networks since June 2015, they are humming over the Golden Gate Bridge, take hundreds of people living in San Francisco to work, and are the environmentally friendly vehicle for excursions or shopping trips.


Why Quality matters in the Transport Industry

Yes, you are quite right here! A cold pizza Quattro Stagioni causes watery eyes instead of making your mouth water. When ordering some Pizza we rather imagine how the pizzaiolo removes it from the pizza oven, fuming and smelling, puts it into the thermos box and sends it out to us hungry aficionados of Mediterranean fast food. But for how long will the pizza in a thermos box stay warm enough to be sold? Per hour the pizza cools down by approximately one degree. Can the supplier wait for the ADAC because the battery of the electric scooter does not supply any electricity?

Press Releases

GOVECS introduces the fastest production Schwalbe in the world

After the Schwalbe had made a successful comeback as an electric scooter, GOVECS has doubled the speed of this cult two-wheeler, making history once again. Never before has a Schwalbe (German for swallow) flown so fast. With a top speed of 90 km/h and a range of up to 90 km, the new GOVECS light motorcycle is also winning the hearts of a technology-oriented target group in search of adrenaline. One outstanding feature of the new Schwalbe is the Bosch-made drive system with a maximum output of 8 kW. In addition to unparalleled driving pleasure, the Schwalbe also offers high safety and reliability “designed in Germany”.


Connectivity is everything

Networking that is advancing at breathtaking speed is revolutionising all areas of our lives. This is especially the case for transport. Experts expect that even in the near future 80% fewer cars will be congesting the roads in our towns because more and more people are switching from their own vehicles to sharing models. And these are based on intelligent connectivity solutions.