Since 2014 e-sharing provider emmy has set itself the task to ensure availability of electric vehicles within urban areas. “The E-Schwalbe represents the perfect complement of the existing emmy fleet”, stated emmy co-founder Valerian Seither.

From the end of July 2017, the new Schwalbe is also available as a sharing scooter. In the course of just a few months the software of the Berlin e-sharing provider emmy could successfully be implemented in the e-Schwalbe. The powerful drive system of the cult scooter, which was developed with the latest components from technology partner Bosch, sets new standards in the category of small motorcycles.

"With GOVECS we have found the perfect partner for our ambitious expansion course", explains emmy co-founder Valerian Seither. "The combination of high-quality products and connectivity solutions from a single source was a decisive factor for us." With this cooperation, GOVECS once again proves that product adaptations for the sharing business belong to the core business of the company.

GOVECS CEO Thomas Grübel explains: "This project is particularly important to us because we as a globally acknowledged specialist in the area of sharing can now present a textbook example in Germany." 


In order to use the sharing scooter, the emmy application needs to be installed on a smartphone. The registration can completely be done online and within a few minutes. The reservation and start process is very easy: open the hardcase where the helmets are stored, put on the helmet and enjoy the ride with the new cult-moped. The easy handling, the great maneuverability, the quietness and the great acceleration provide an impressive driving experience. Emmy and Schwalbe: This is how urban mobility looks today.


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Bits & Bytes – GOVECS hat die Schnittstelle

GOVECS entwickelt ein neuartiges Telematiksystem zur Fahrzeug-Fernverwaltung. Für Fuhrpark- und Flottenmanager bedeutet dies den in-time-Zugriff und  die exakte Steuerung jedes einzelnen Rollers, die genaue Ortung seiner aktuellen Position, sowie die Informationen über die bereits zurückgelegte Distanz, den aktuellen Batterieladezustand und die nächsten Wartungsintervalle.


Schwalbe masters the next level

“Fly Schwalbe, Fly” cheered the big, German weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT” to the Schwalbe’s comeback in the summer of 2017. As across the country, the electric revival of the cult German scooter caused a sensation. And not just because of its unique design, but also due to the outstanding engineering behind it. The electric Schwalbe’s performance and operating range set a new industry standard.


Connectivity is everything

Networking that is advancing at breathtaking speed is revolutionising all areas of our lives. This is especially the case for transport. Experts expect that even in the near future 80% fewer cars will be congesting the roads in our towns because more and more people are switching from their own vehicles to sharing models. And these are based on intelligent connectivity solutions.