"Fly Schwalbe, Fly" cheered the big german weekly newspaper "DIE ZEIT" to the comeback of the Schwalbe in summer 2017.

As across the country, the electric revival of the german cult scooter caused a sensation. Not just because of its unique design, but also due to the outstanding engineering behind it. In cooperation with our technology partner Bosch, we at GOVECS have built the most cutting-edge drivetrain system in the world into the Schwalbe and together we have set a new industry standard.

The combination of modern and retro, of power and sustainability, the new Schwalbe is the perfect lifestyle companion for all urban explorers. Get ready to move on!


The extremely dynamic and agile Schwalbe combines a high fun factor with incredible driving characteristics. The acceleration and the overall performance of the scooter are simply invigorating. With a range of over 100 kilometres the Schwalbe is perfect for every day urban travel and more. A full recharge is completed in approximately four hours, but for a swift recharge, two hours equal about 80% of the total capacity. You are interested in further details about the Schwalbe?


You are interested in experiencing something new? You would like to convince yourself of the performance and the driving feeling of the Schwalbe? Curious to go on a cruise with the Schwalbe? Then, please apply for a testride by sending us a testride request - a Schwalbe Fahrpostel in your area will get in touch with you.


We are proud to introduce the eSchwalbe L3e model. Bike fans with a weakness for cult vehicles and speed have waited long enough. And they won’t be disappointed. With its tremendous performance, the new Schwalbe L3e wins over even seasoned motorcycle riders as a fully-fledged 125 e-scooter. Just like the electro Schwalbe L1e, it is the most powerful vehicle in its category. Powerfull 8kW Bosch motor, 90km/h and up to 110km range. Now Available!


Why we need a new way of thinking

Mobility is undergoing change. In the year 2030, 60% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. The ever growing residential density, the increasing traffic volume and the increase in CO2 emissions associated therewith make clean and efficient transport solutions necessary. It is required to establish a new way of thinking and innovative mobility concepts in order to ensure clean inner cities and a healthier urban life. The car that used to be the status symbol of personal freedom will be gradually expelled from the cities and replaced by new mobility concepts. E-mobility will contribute considerably to the so-called “Green Cities“. Even though the idea of electric vehicles is not really new as such, the time is right and there is high demand to revive this technology, which has been developed already at the beginning of the 20th century, for instance in electric scooters.


Drivetrain – The Technology Story

Das charakteristische Herzstück eines GOVECS Rollers ist der Riemenantrieb. Von Beginn an haben wir das gesamte Antriebssystem darauf ausgelegt und haben wir unheimlich viel Zeit und Versuche investiert. Nach mittlerweile über einer Millionen gefahrener Testkilometer sind wir stolz auf dieses gesamtheitliche Antriebssystem, das eine hocheffiziente Energieausnutzung und ein optimales Zusammenspiel der Komponenten bei einmaligem Fahrspaß ermöglicht.


European Engineering

We are frequently asked why our headquarters are located in Munich and the production in Wroclaw, Poland. There are sound reasons for this decision. Munich is Germany’s strongest business location. The most important German groups are represented in “Isar Valley“. With laptop and lederhosen, Munich is playing in the Champions League, and not only soccer! It is an ideal location to offer and develop new mobility solutions.  And what about Wroclaw? As geographic centre of modern Europe, Wroclaw is the talent factory in engineering and high-tech. This is not only proven by the more than 140,000 students at the universities and academies of the city – the intensive influx of New Economy companies such as Amazon or Google underline Wroclaw’s development to the new high-tech and IT location in Eastern Europe. The direct international link is moreover of prime importance for us.


GOVECS product spectrum for end customers

Modern electric mobility is the talk of the town. In order to relieve the environment the need for sustainable individual traffic concepts ranks high. The solution is the GOVECS portfolio: zero-emission vehicles — no fossil fuels, no oil and no compromise! All vehicles combine the advantages of electric transport, are silent, clean, powerful, economical and sustainable. Due to clever engineering all GOVECS machines have smooth handling and True Electric Mobility. GOVECS products are different, different with respect to both their European design and their main technical attribute: the drive train. We are using highly efficient and sophisticated brushless motors with a low-maintenance belt drive which makes the machines much lighter. The frame is designed exclusively for the use and purpose of electric vehicles, by means of which the centre of gravity is extremely low, thus leading to great manoeuvrability.