GOVECS boosts e-scooter fleet of Paris-based sharing provider Cityscoot, extending its lead in the European market

The GOVECS Group (“GOVECS”), the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe, continues to expand in the rapidly growing market for e-scooters. The Munich-based company is again boosting the fleet of the biggest French sharing provider Cityscoot in Paris, by delivering an additional fleet of 2,750 new e-scooters, the first part of their 2018 order.

GOVECS Elektroroller erobern die Straßen von Paris mit Cityscoot

Cityscoot continually expands its fleet in the French capital and now also offers its sharing e-scooters in Nice. All scooters are supplied by the premium manufacturer GOVECS and there are already signs of further growth in this highly promising market.

“Our concept is working. The premium quality of our electric scooters has prevailed with the leading sharing providers. We are really enjoying to shape the emerging e-scooter market together with rapidly growing sharing providers such as Cityscoot. At the same time, it allows us to gain valuable knowledge that we can use in the ongoing development of our products,” explains Thomas Grübel, CEO and founder of GOVECS.

With its e-scooters, GOVECS is making a contribution in the move towards a much better and more environmentally friendly form of mobility in major European cities. Today a total of more than 10,000 GOVECS scooters are already ensuring better air quality and less congestion and noise in urban environments. Demand for this new form of mobility has grown very rapidly in recent months. GOVECS plans to continue its strategy of expansion in Europe. The company is one of the pioneers in this industry and is already very well positioned in the market: three of the four biggest e-scooter sharing providers in Europe run GOVECS scooters as part of their fleet.

Bertrand Fleurose, the CEO of Cityscoot, says: “Our sharing service has been very well received in Paris. This is because in city traffic especially, electric scooters allow us to get where we want to go quickly, comfortably and still in an environmentally compatible way. To keep up with rapidly growing demand, we need to expand our fleet quickly. With the arrival of the new GOVECS scooters, we will have an average of one e-scooter for every 100 metres in the area we cover with our sharing service in Paris. The high quality and longevity of the GOVECS products is key to the profitability of our fleet.”

Along with Cityscoot, GOVECS also supplies other major players in the e-scooter sharing market such as eCooltra in Spain, emmy in Germany and Felyx in the Netherlands. Most of these providers are already poised to bring the sharing model to other cities as well. According to a study compiled by PwC, one in three kilometres will be travelled using a vehicle provided by a sharing service by the year 2030.

The high-quality GOVECS electric scooters are manufactured in the company’s own production plant in Wroclaw. This alone distinguishes GOVECS from other manufacturers in this industry, whose scooters are mostly made in China.