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E-Schwalbe beim Plus X Award mehrfach ausgezeichnet

Die neue GOVECS Schwalbe hat Ende November mit dem Plus X Award den weltweit größten Innovationspreis für Technologie, Sport und Lifestyle in fünf verschiedenen Kategorien erhalten. Mit den Gütesiegeln für Innovation, High Quality, Design, Bedienkomfort und Ökologie glänzt die E-Schwalbe von nun an in der Hall of Fame als fortschrittliches Design-Objekt mit hohem Nutzwert.

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Next Level Schwalbe: full speed ahead at 90 km/h

After the successful comeback of the Schwalbe with a top speed of 45km/h last summer, in 2018 GOVECS is raising its game. The Munich-based company is presenting the new "big" Schwalbe at this year's EICMA 2017, which will take place in Milan from 7th to 12th November. The product range of the cult scooter is enhanced and extended by a L3e version with 90km/h at the peak and up to 90 km operating range. The new GOVECS light motorcycle will soon be available for ordering via the online configurator and will be flying over German roads from the summer of 2018.

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GOVECS presents the connected e-scooter Elly

The demand for clean and sustainable mobility solutions is constantly on the rise. However, many interested parties are still hesitant to make a purchase, because the cost of purchasing high-quality E-products is a major inhibitor. GOVECS will change this now. At this year's EICMA, the German electric scooter manufacturer will present its new product, Elly, which offers the highest European standards with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The connected scooter will be launched in 2018 with a base price of €3,330.

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Schwalbe - Chronicle of a cult object

Munich, November 8, 2016. Originally the Schwalbe was a Simson product - a vehicle manufacturer from the German Democratic Republic, the former GDR. It was produced from 1964 to 1986 in Suhl and, until it stopped rolling, over one million Schwalbe mopeds came off the production line. This made the Schwalbe the most successful single-brand European scooter in history. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it captured the hearts of many western Europeans and became a cult object. Now it’s back, with an electric drivetrain by GOVECS.

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Schwalbe – technology made fun

Munich, November 8, 2016. From the summer of 2017, you’ll recognise the Schwalbe driver thanks to their wide grin. The reason – the unique performance of their Schwalbe. The sensational acceleration from a standing start to 45 km/h in around five seconds, will leave the competition slack jawed not just at the lights. The powerful drivetrain system, developed with the latest components from technology partner Bosch, sets new standards in the moped category. The charging time is another reason to celebrate, because in no time you’re on your way again. Technology for a more beautiful life: it’s a promise the Schwalbe lives up to.

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Schwalbe makes an electrifying return

Munich, September 26, 2016. The Munich-based company GOVECS has given the Schwalbe a new lease of life and in doing so is inspiring the entire industry. Together with technology partner Bosch, GOVECS has installed the world’s most advanced drivetrain in the Schwalbe, ensuring streets that are both clean and quiet. The first version of the Schwalbe will sprint through the streets at up to 45kmh. Fully charged, it provides an impressive range of more than 100 km, and can already be reserved online.