In November 2014, Joe Wilcox, founder and CEO of the American company SWAY Motorsports, approached our booth at the EICMA trade fair in Milan. He brought with him an Alpha prototype of his latest developments and the recommendation that GOVECS had “the guys that are able to implement that”. 

The idea clearly sparked a lot of interest and it was decided that GOVECS was the manufacturer of choice to get “SWAY” to serial production. The prototype was then sent to the Polish city of Wroclaw and was put to the acids there by our team of engineers. This specific technical challenge regarding this innovative OEM product is the so-called “Tilting” concept. It means that the driver controls and steers the SWAY by distribution of pressure/weight transfer on the two front wheels. 

The extraordinary and futuristic vehicle design necessitates a new development of the following components:  


Here you find more information and facts about the Sway.

Joe Wilcox travelled to Europe from the USA only to fine-tune the details with our engineering team in Wroclaw within a period of four weeks. “I am highly satisfied“, Wilcox said, and we are glad to see SWAY as serial product capturing the West Coast of the USA.

OEM service offerings for SWAY


GiGi – from the industrial design to pre-series production

Based on a design study of the Dutch company GiGi, GOVECS develops and produces a unique electric scooter: The smart vehicle is foldable. You could thus transport it in your trunk or in public transportation or keep it space-saving in your apartment.  “We contacted GOVECS with the order to develop a prototype and bring it to the production stage. GOVECS is the E-bike specialist that is renowned in the industry. We have found a team here that does not only bring our design on the street, but also integrates an outstanding technology in its products“, says Stijn Enneking, CEO of GiGi Coöperatief U.A..

Press Releases

GOVECS introduces the fastest production Schwalbe in the world

After the Schwalbe had made a successful comeback as an electric scooter, GOVECS has doubled the speed of this cult two-wheeler, making history once again. Never before has a Schwalbe (German for swallow) flown so fast. With a top speed of 90 km/h and a range of up to 90 km, the new GOVECS light motorcycle is also winning the hearts of a technology-oriented target group in search of adrenaline. One outstanding feature of the new Schwalbe is the Bosch-made drive system with a maximum output of 8 kW. In addition to unparalleled driving pleasure, the Schwalbe also offers high safety and reliability “designed in Germany”.


Connectivity is everything

Networking that is advancing at breathtaking speed is revolutionising all areas of our lives. This is especially the case for transport. Experts expect that even in the near future 80% fewer cars will be congesting the roads in our towns because more and more people are switching from their own vehicles to sharing models. And these are based on intelligent connectivity solutions.