First there is a fleeting brainwave, a sudden inspiration that slowly develops to a concrete vision and quite often ends up in path-breaking inventions or globally successful enterprises. Brainwaves that Thomas Grübel knows well and that – with hindsight – made him the pioneer of two-wheeled electric mobility. 

Learn more about Grübel’s experience in China, exciting test phases, inspiring customer requests and his vision of the era of E-mobility:

Already in the late 1990ies the totally crazy idea of providing an electric motor to an aluminium pedal-scooter came to Grübel’s mind. His persistence and eagerness to experiment proved to be worth it: In early 2000 his idea hit the roads of the Republic as “Street Devil“, road approval included. This was the birth of Germany’s first electric scooter. A huge success inspiring Grübel to develop a vehicle of a higher performance class. 

Electric mobility was completely new back then, there have not been any products and hardly any product ideas. This is why a petrol scooter had to be used for the experiment, which was equipped with an electric drive in meticulous detail work. Because of the different structures it is almost impossible to convert a petrol scooter to an electric scooter, but the almost unsurmountable technical obstacles were managed. The vehicle resulted from these endeavours quickly gained a foothold in the market and encouraged Thomas Grübel to take the next step – establishing the company “e-max“ with its own production plant in China. The company still exists and is one of the leading providers of electric scooters in Far East having its seat in Australia. 

Business was flourishing, but Grübel did not want to stop at that. He was appealed by the European e-mobility market, which was still in its infancy then. His target was to develop a vehicle for the premium segment in and for Europe, which is designed for electronic drive from scratch and meets highest demands in terms of quality, technology and safety. With this vision in his mind Grübel turned his back on e-max at the end of 2008. Only four weeks later, on 9 January 2009 GOVECS GmbH was launched – the rest is history, a success story. 

Today the electric scooters of GOVECS can be seen mainly in the streets of Europe and the USA. They all comprise a state-of-the-art battery management system and are produced in one of the most advanced production plants world-wide. Along with the development and production of their own vehicles, GOVECS meanwhile developed to a well-established Original Equipment Manufacturer all around the globe.



GOVECS does not only stand for great products and innovative projects. It is our team spirit that distinguishes GOVECS further. Day by day our team develops, optimizes, produces and innovates electric mobility on two wheels.


City Check Govecs: Elektroroller ermöglicht emissionsfreie und flexible Liefer­logistik

Govecs, Spezialist für gewerblich genutzte Elektroroller ermöglicht emissionsfreie und flexible Liefer­logistik mit sehr niedrigen Betriebskosten. Und weist damit einer alternativen Zustellform den Weg zwischen Transporter und Lastenrad.


Interview @ How it Works

Govecs are a German company who believe that electric powered scooters are the future. Concentrating on sales to private enterprises rather than the average consumer, Govecs could revolutionise delivery services. Just imagine the reduction in emissions if every takeaway in Europe used electric scooters rather than the carbon equivalents that currently dominate the market. We chat to CEO Thomas Grübel about his vision.


Second production line

In Q1/2016 GOVECS established its second production line. The length of 33 meters allows a parallel assembly of up to 5 vehicles. Additionally GOVECS installed 12 workstations for the sub-assembly. The line is equipped with 2 gantries for the transport for heavy components.