Mobility is undergoing change. In the year 2030, 60% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas.  The ever growing residential density, the increasing traffic volume and the increase in CO2 emissions associated therewith make clean and efficient transport solutions necessary. It is required to establish a new way of thinking and innovative mobility concepts in order to ensure clean inner cities and a healthier urban life. 

The car that used to be the status symbol of personal freedom will be gradually expelled from the cities and replaced by new mobility concepts. E-mobility will contribute considerably to the so-called “Green Cities“. Even though the idea of electric vehicles is not really new as such, the time is right and there is high demand to revive this technology, which has been developed already at the beginning of the 20th century, for instance in electric scooters. 

These new concepts and electric mobility as such new requirements for all parties involved. In fact, it is not only the way of thinking in public authorities, of urban planners, enterprises as well as local residents and commuters will change significantly, but also the habits with respect to one’s individual mobility as well as the overall infrastructure. The biggest reservation with respect to electric scooters today still relates to the range. But did you know that with a scooter on average you only cover a distance of approximately 12 kilometres per day? 

GOVECS´ electric scooters are best suited to close this gap with their wide-reaching batteries and underline the comfort and easiness of personal mobility in urban areas. With our many years of experience GOVECS focusses on the urgently needed, future-oriented mobility solutions. Sharing and Rental Agencies are already using the reliable and high-performance GOVECS electric scooters in their fleets. More and more delivery services also prefer the “load carriers“ of our GO! T series designed especially for high mileages over the customary combustion engines. 

Gliding through the city, passing cars caught up in congested traffic. Parking issues are an unknown factor to you. You are relaxed, have a coffee or go shopping while your scooter is recharged at the charging station. Our cities would be much quieter and the air would be fresh and pure again.


And for exactly that dream scenario GOVECS is developing future solutions already today. This is what we understand by DESIGNING MOBILITY.

Together with you we want to reduce CO2 emissions in order to improve our environment and increase the quality of life - all without compromising fun and performance.


GOVECS Plant –The biggest production facility for electric 2-wheeler in Europe

GOVECS‘s state of the art production plant with an assembly hall covering a surface of 4,000 square metres is located at the geographical centre of Europe – in the Polish city of Wroclaw.  The automated production line is 36 metres long and provides enough room for the parallel assembly of up to nine scooters. Work to full capacity thus means that every 15 minutes an electric scooter rolls off the production line. The work ergonomics of the production line take into account the many manual work steps and provide optimal accessibility while at the same time ensuring an utterly safe work environment. GOVECS is VCA certified throughout the applied production processes. An ERP computer system controls the production with a just-in-time delivery of the components. The FIFO warehousing method safeguards smooth operation of inventories.


City Check Govecs: Elektroroller ermöglicht emissionsfreie und flexible Liefer­logistik

Govecs, Spezialist für gewerblich genutzte Elektroroller ermöglicht emissionsfreie und flexible Liefer­logistik mit sehr niedrigen Betriebskosten. Und weist damit einer alternativen Zustellform den Weg zwischen Transporter und Lastenrad.


Interview @ How it Works

Govecs are a German company who believe that electric powered scooters are the future. Concentrating on sales to private enterprises rather than the average consumer, Govecs could revolutionise delivery services. Just imagine the reduction in emissions if every takeaway in Europe used electric scooters rather than the carbon equivalents that currently dominate the market. We chat to CEO Thomas Grübel about his vision.


Second production line

In Q1/2016 GOVECS established its second production line. The length of 33 meters allows a parallel assembly of up to 5 vehicles. Additionally GOVECS installed 12 workstations for the sub-assembly. The line is equipped with 2 gantries for the transport for heavy components.