We are frequently asked why our headquarters are located in Munich and the production in Wroclaw, Poland. There are sound reasons for this decision.

Munich is Germany’s strongest business location. The most important German groups are represented in “Isar Valley“. With laptop and lederhosen, Munich is playing in the Champions League, and not only soccer! It is an ideal location to offer and develop new mobility solutions.

And what about Wroclaw? As geographic centre of modern Europe, Wroclaw is the talent factory in engineering and high-tech. This is not only proven by the more than 140,000 students at the universities and academies of the city – the intensive influx of New Economy companies such as Amazon or Google underline Wroclaw’s development to the new high-tech and IT location in Eastern Europe. The direct international link is moreover of prime importance for us. 


City with the highest purchasing power in Germany

Second largest airport in Germany

Technische Universität München = Fourth best university of technology in Europe

Second largest university location in Germany (approximately 110,000 students)

Opening match of the FIFA World Championship 2006

Third largest opera stage in the world


Geographic centre of modern Europe

High-tech location with companies like HP, GOOGLE and IBM

22 institutions of higher education and 140,000 students

Biggest numbers of charging stations in Poland

Euro 2012 organiser

2016 Capital of Culture


Back to future

First there is a fleeting brainwave, a sudden inspiration that slowly develops to a concrete vision and quite often ends up in path-breaking inventions or globally successful enterprises. Brainwaves that Thomas Grübel knows well and that – with hindsight – made him the pioneer of two-wheeled electric mobility.


City Check Govecs: Elektroroller ermöglicht emissionsfreie und flexible Liefer­logistik

Govecs, Spezialist für gewerblich genutzte Elektroroller ermöglicht emissionsfreie und flexible Liefer­logistik mit sehr niedrigen Betriebskosten. Und weist damit einer alternativen Zustellform den Weg zwischen Transporter und Lastenrad.


Interview @ How it Works

Govecs are a German company who believe that electric powered scooters are the future. Concentrating on sales to private enterprises rather than the average consumer, Govecs could revolutionise delivery services. Just imagine the reduction in emissions if every takeaway in Europe used electric scooters rather than the carbon equivalents that currently dominate the market. We chat to CEO Thomas Grübel about his vision.


Second production line

In Q1/2016 GOVECS established its second production line. The length of 33 meters allows a parallel assembly of up to 5 vehicles. Additionally GOVECS installed 12 workstations for the sub-assembly. The line is equipped with 2 gantries for the transport for heavy components.