The characteristic centrepiece of a GOVECS scooter is the belt drive. We have based the entire drive system on it from the very beginning and spent tremendous amounts of time and testing for it. Now that we drove more than a million of test kilometres we are proud of this all-encompassing drive system, which makes a highly efficient energy utilization and an optimal interaction of the components possible and at the same time ensures unique driving experience. 

One of the crucial characteristics for accuracy, efficiency and time control of the drivetrain is the special angle of the magnetic Encoder-IC and a switch that is directly integrated in the die-cast motor housing. With that the torque is improved and the measurements can be carried out with a relative accuracy of +/- 1 LSB. This ensures a smooth control of the drive system during acceleration. When the driver actuates the throttle, this produces a flat power curve that is much more comfortable than the binary jerky movement of our competitors. 

Every year we succeed in making our motor even more efficient, so that they work with the same performance mapping at low speed as well. This, in turn, helps to continuously increase the life of the belt. The bigger pinion provides for a smoother acceleration up to the maximum speed at lower energy consumption.  

In combination with our own battery management system this provides for a perfect interaction of the technical components and leads to maximum efficiency.

Our latest OEM Project SWAY will hit the market

On a Sway, riders have direct control of vehicle tilt with their legs, through the patented linkage design. This makes riding a Sway a completely different experience from riding a motorcycle.


Back to future

First there is a fleeting brainwave, a sudden inspiration that slowly develops to a concrete vision and quite often ends up in path-breaking inventions or globally successful enterprises. Brainwaves that Thomas Grübel knows well and that – with hindsight – made him the pioneer of two-wheeled electric mobility.


Schwalbe masters the next level

“Fly Schwalbe, Fly” cheered the big, German weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT” to the Schwalbe’s comeback in the summer of 2017. As across the country, the electric revival of the cult German scooter caused a sensation. And not just because of its unique design, but also due to the outstanding engineering behind it. The electric Schwalbe’s performance and operating range set a new industry standard.


Connectivity is everything

Networking that is advancing at breathtaking speed is revolutionising all areas of our lives. This is especially the case for transport. Experts expect that even in the near future 80% fewer cars will be congesting the roads in our towns because more and more people are switching from their own vehicles to sharing models. And these are based on intelligent connectivity solutions.