Electric scooters are nothing but lively speedsters taking private individuals from A to B? Not quite. There is much more to it: They are outstanding and popular utility vehicles, for instance, as other than their petrol-driven equivalents they offer unbeatable advantages for companies:


Why Quality matters in the Transport Industry

Yes, you are quite right here! A cold pizza Quattro Stagioni causes watery eyes instead of making your mouth water. When ordering some Pizza we rather imagine how the pizzaiolo removes it from the pizza oven, fuming and smelling, puts it into the thermos box and sends it out to us hungry aficionados of Mediterranean fast food. But for how long will the pizza in a thermos box stay warm enough to be sold? Per hour the pizza cools down by approximately one degree. Can the supplier wait for the ADAC because the battery of the electric scooter does not supply any electricity?


Drivetrain – The Technology Story

Das charakteristische Herzstück eines GOVECS Rollers ist der Riemenantrieb. Von Beginn an haben wir das gesamte Antriebssystem darauf ausgelegt und haben wir unheimlich viel Zeit und Versuche investiert. Nach mittlerweile über einer Millionen gefahrener Testkilometer sind wir stolz auf dieses gesamtheitliche Antriebssystem, das eine hocheffiziente Energieausnutzung und ein optimales Zusammenspiel der Komponenten bei einmaligem Fahrspaß ermöglicht.

Press Releases

GOVECS introduces the fastest production Schwalbe in the world

After the Schwalbe had made a successful comeback as an electric scooter, GOVECS has doubled the speed of this cult two-wheeler, making history once again. Never before has a Schwalbe (German for swallow) flown so fast. With a top speed of 90 km/h and a range of up to 90 km, the new GOVECS light motorcycle is also winning the hearts of a technology-oriented target group in search of adrenaline. One outstanding feature of the new Schwalbe is the Bosch-made drive system with a maximum output of 8 kW. In addition to unparalleled driving pleasure, the Schwalbe also offers high safety and reliability “designed in Germany”.