Almost twelve flight hours and 9,435 kilometers as the crow flies separate San Francisco and Munich – halfway around the world. And yet: Munich- based GOVECS GmbH has managed to sell 150 electric scooters to the sunshine city on the West Coast of the USA.

Our customer is the company Scoot Networks. It is the largest free-float provider for electric scooter sharing world-wide. Well, most tend to think that this should not be a problem, as there are enough manufacturers. However, the crux of the matter was that Scoot Networks wanted to integrate a software in the scooters that is absolutely indispensable for the sharing business, but there was no manufacturer able to directly and easily implement this integration. It would have involved time consuming and cost intensive reconstructions.

Here you find more information and facts about Scoot Networks.

GOVECS found the right solution. The company from Munich was the only manufacturer able to individually construct the electric scooter in such a manner that they met all requirements regarding telematics and software of the sharing providers. This is an absolute novelty world-wide, which makes GOVECS a technology pioneer in the field of sharing.

At GOVECS we are convinced that connectivity is a precondition for sharing projects. It means that information regarding the vehicle can be retrieved, for instance, by means of an App. The e-scooter thus communicates with the driver, and the operators are always up-to-date with respect to the condition and the location of the vehicle. 

150 electric scooters of the GO! T1.4 model are cruising through the streets of San Francisco for Scoot Networks since June 2015, they are humming over the Golden Gate Bridge, take hundreds of people living in San Francisco to work, and are the environmentally friendly vehicle for excursions or shopping trips.

Cruising through San Francisco with the Bavarian speedster

The latest GOVECS B2B partner in the Silicon Valley

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Why Quality matters in the Transport Industry

Yes, you are quite right here! A cold pizza Quattro Stagioni causes watery eyes instead of making your mouth water. When ordering some Pizza we rather imagine how the pizzaiolo removes it from the pizza oven, fuming and smelling, puts it into the thermos box and sends it out to us hungry aficionados of Mediterranean fast food. But for how long will the pizza in a thermos box stay warm enough to be sold? Per hour the pizza cools down by approximately one degree. Can the supplier wait for the ADAC because the battery of the electric scooter does not supply any electricity?


Förderprogramm Elektromobilität in München jetzt auch für Privatpersonen geöffnet

Um München noch schöner, sauberer und leiserer zu machen, wurde das Förderprogramm Elektromobilität „München e-mobil“ ins Leben gerufen. Das Programm trat am 1. April 2016 in Kraft und richtete sich am Anfang nur an Gewerbetreibende. Aber seit Jahresbeginn 2017 können auch Privatpersonen einen Antrag stellen und bis zu 2.200 Euro Bonus für einen Elektroroller erhalten.


Im Test: Der Lieferroller GO! T 2.6

Die Frage „Funghi oder Tonno“ elektrisiert ganze Generationen von Pizzaboten. Zur lautlosen Entspannung bietet Govecs den T2.6 als Lieferroller für den professionellen Einsatz bei Lieferando &Co.


Interview @ How it Works

Govecs are a German company who believe that electric powered scooters are the future. Concentrating on sales to private enterprises rather than the average consumer, Govecs could revolutionise delivery services. Just imagine the reduction in emissions if every takeaway in Europe used electric scooters rather than the carbon equivalents that currently dominate the market. We chat to CEO Thomas Grübel about his vision.